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USLGA's Education and Research Committee hosts Front Porch webinars to share with and educate lavender lovers everywhere.

Nonmembers are encouraged to check out the benefits and pricing of membership prior to purchasing access for any Front Porch Event. Nonmember and non-grower/non-affiliate access to each event is $40 and is nonrefundable.

If you have an hour to an hour-and-a-half to sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee or glass of tea, a rocking chair or swing, a few cookies or a piece of fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie … and a computer or smartphone … let’s get together and chat!

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Front Porch Event - Mixology (10/12/23)
Presenter: Tina Schooler, Raider West Lavender Farm

Creating Cocktails and Non-Boozy Cocktails is fun and easier than you might think. This informative workshop will show you hands-on the art of creating cocktails from the 3 styles of cocktails, the spirits and the main ingredients to bar gear, and last but not least bar glassware.

Front Porch Event - Lavender Marketing Plan (8/10/23)
Panelists: Trish Dennis, Owner and Danielle Lee, Marketing/Event Coordinator, Indigo Lavender Farms 

Marketing a business is a necessary and steady process for any business to succeed. A well-planned and consistent Marketing Plan is vital. Join our panel of experienced and successful lavender farmers as they pay forward their best practices in Lavender Marketing.

Front Porch Event - Lavender Personal Products (6/22/23)
Speaker: Sarah Richards, Lavender Wind Farm

Selecting resale products that are right for you and your business is an important step for commercial lavender farmers. Unless you exclusively wholesale raw production, creating the right line of personal products is strategic and valuable. This webinar reviews a wide range of Lavender Personal Products from a production and marketing perspective allowing you the opportunity to make appropriate choices for your business.

Front Porch Event - Create a Business Plan Part 3: Financials (5/11/23)
Speaker: Christine Teeple, Red Rock Lavender

Building the right pricing structure for your lavender business is imperative for being both competitive and profitable, but it’s not the only consideration. Having a profitable return on investment includes many business aspects, and this webinar with Christine Teeple will lay the groundwork for creating a profitable lavender business with an excellent return on investment.

Front Porch Event - Create A Business Plan Part 2: Financials (3/9/23)
Speaker: Christine Teeple, Red Rock Lavender

In Part 1 of this series, we learned that a business plan is the road map required to take your ideas from a goal to a means for supporting your objective. Once you move from the Idea Board to building your Business Plan, it’s time to implement your Financial Plan. Join us for this continuing webinar series as Christine Teeple discusses the financial and goal-setting techniques to implement your business plan.

Click here to purchase access to one or more of these event recordings!