USLGA Front Porch Events

The Lavender Boutique (click the link to read the bio) is our
Educational Sponsor and plays a crucial role in the support,
and program quality of USLGA's Front Porch Series.
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Front Porch SeriesUSLGA's Education and Research Committee hosts Front Porch webinars to share with and educate lavender lovers everywhere. Our Front Porch Events combine education with a conversation on various topics for lavender growers and business owners.

USLGA Grower and Affiliate members have access to Front Porch events as a benefit of membership. To attend a live event, members must register for a Zoom meeting link before any particular event; see upcoming session pages. There is no registration for watching the video recording of an event.

We are pleased to announce that we are now opening Front Porch events to all others! Nonmembers are encouraged to check out the benefits and pricing of membership before registering for any Front Porch event. Nonmember and non-grower/non-affiliate access to each event is $40 and is nonrefundable due to limited registration seats. After a live event, access to recorded event videos will be available soon afterwards. Nonmembers may purchase access to the videos for $40 any time after the event.

If you have an hour to an hour-and-a-half to sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee or glass of tea, a rocking chair or swing, a few cookies or a piece of fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie … and a computer or smartphone … let’s get together and chat!

Upcoming Front Porch Event

July 11, 2024
5 pm PT/8 pm ET
Front Porch Event: Starting a healthy “root”-ine: Lavender propagation by cuttings
Course: LC FP 2024-07-11
Presenter: Jacob Hurst, Ph.D.
Click here for information - Registration coming soon.

August 8, 2024
5 pm PT/8 pm ET
Front Porch Event: Agritourism
Course: LC FP 2024-08-08
Presenter: Scott Debunk, President, NAFDM

October 10, 2024
5 pm PT/8 pm ET
Front Porch Event: Holiday Lavender at the Governor's Mansion - A beautiful take on building farm community
Course: LC FP 2024-10-10
Presenter: Kathy Landrum

December (TBD), 2024
5 pm PT/8 pm ET
Front Porch Event: Watch Party of Demos!

Interested in sponsorship? USLGA's Front Porch Series 

Promotional Sponsors:
USLGA's Promotional Sponsors will have the opportunity, depending on availability, to spotlight their brand in various spots across the association.  Promotional Sponsorship pricing is $175 per event. Please click here for the Promo Sponsor form.

Front Porch Series Educational Sponsor:
Annually, USLGA’s Front Porch Series focuses on educating the members of our association through webinars, and recordings. The Educational Sponsor plays a crucial role in the funding quality of the programming and allows USLGA to continue providing valuable content to its members. Limited to one per year. 2024, 2025, and 2026 are sold.
Educational sponsorships are $1,000 annually.

About our Education Sponsor:
His parents named him Joseph Downs but most of you know him as The Lavender Man, the tallest lavender farmer in the northern hemisphere. The Lavender Man travels the globe to bring the most amazing culinary, health, and beauty lavender products to his growing legion of customers.

Joseph has been a farmer all his life and got his start in the lavender industry as a propagator. After several years of delivering plants throughout the USA, he wanted to start his own farm. The result has been spectacular with two farm locations: East Wenatchee and also Upper Crescent Bar in Quincy, Washington, Joseph’s hometown.

Joseph sells his artisan-crafted products under the banner of The Lavender Boutique. There are 85 products in health & beauty, including a line of Manly Man products. Joseph is very passionate when it comes to using culinary lavender. He is currently using 15 different varieties of lavender in a line of 45 different products including, cookie kits, dressings, grinders, lavender honey, rubs, seasonings, sugars, and teas. Also available are freshly made Lavonade, Creamy n Dreamy lavender ice cream, lavender cheesecake, and lavender crème brûlée! 

Joseph has recently completed a 3-year appointment on the USLGA Board of Directors. During this time he and the dedicated regional leaders implemented changes to the USLGA regions. This led to more robust support and services at the regional level, including regional in-person meetings at 5 of the 6 regions. The Wholesale Vendor Directory was another major membership benefit that was a partnership between Joseph and Mary Altoff, while she was Chair of the PR & Communications Committee.

Although Joseph’s Board role has been completed he will continue in his role as USLGA's Northwest Regional Leader. 

As an educator before the commencement of his Lavender Sojourn, Joseph values the powerful changes that can occur through the presentation of detailed educational sessions, such as the Front Porch Events. Joseph is excited to be the first-ever Educational Sponsor of the Front Porch Events for the next 3 years.