Mission & Vision

It is the mission of the USLGA to:

Provide exceptional resources for our members to grow, strengthen, and advance the U.S. lavender industry.

This means to us that growers of lavender provide the foundational materials, and everyone involved from soil to sales is important in creating the U.S. Lavender industry. We will support and promote the U.S. Lavender industry and those involved in it by:

  • participating in and providing research about many areas;
  • education from basics to advanced topics;
  • networking and connecting with growers, crafters, vendors, users, and more;
  • marketing information and opportunities for you and the industry as a whole.

The USLGA Vision is:

USLGA seeks to be recognized as a contributor to the global market by establishing standards of excellence to equip our members to produce high-quality, sustainable lavender products. Our members have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through networking, education, and research. Our members gain from USLGA promoting, supporting, and advocating for the U.S. lavender industry.