Harvest Survey 2023

It’s that time of year when most farms are harvesting or will be harvesting soon. To provide accurate and reliable statistical data for the US lavender industry, USDA, and our members, we emphasize the need for consistent methods of measurement and collection. 

We have put together a harvest collection data guide to assist you during this year's lavender harvest to ensure the collection of consistent and accurate data. By following these guidelines, we can create a robust foundation of reliable statistics that will shape the future of our industry. 

While this exercise helps USLGA develop industry standards, we are not dictating how farms handle their harvest or products. Our goal is for our members to engage in this exercise so that we will be able to develop the standards based on charted averages. When USLGA publishes this data on our website, farmers can then choose to use these standards for the purpose of accuracy, planning and profitability.  

The guide also contains some quick print templates we hope will be helpful for you in tracking your harvest data. 

Download the Guide - Collecting Harvest Data (pdf) or Guide - Collecting Harvest Data (docx).