Front Porch Series - Overwintering Lavender

On September 8, 2022, we had a panel of expert growers across the U.S. come together to discuss approaches in preparation for winter based on where "you" live. This presentation is timely to learn what is important to know for prepping soil conditions, water requirements, temperatures where things happen differently, and a host of other things it’s helpful to know.

Featuring Panelists: Michele Capron, Mike Neustrom, Sandra Shuff, Curtis Swift, Martha Wilczynski, and Facilitated by Marilyn Kosel.

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Free Farm Publicity

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Front Porch Series - Hydrosols

Dr. Cindy Jones presented on March 3rd, 2022 at the Front Porch Gathering: Hydrosols.  Find out more about Dr. Cindy Jones at Colorado Aromatics and Sagescript Institute.
Topics covered included:

  • Hydrosols, essential oil
  • Collecting hydrosol
  • Storing hydrosols
  • Using hydrosols

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Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2022 Board Election.

The results were announced during the Annual Members Meeting held online on January 26, 2022.

The new board members elected for three-year terms are:
Sherri Wood
Marilyn Kosel
Rebecca Ralston

Leaving the board is: Jim Morford

2022 Board of Directors

President: Sherri Wood
Vice President: Julie Haushalter
Treasurer: Sarah Richards
Secretary: Patricia Uptain
Joseph Downs
Marily Kosel
Sally Miller
Rebecca Ralston

Front Porch Series: Distilling equipment for essential oil production

USLGA Education & Research Committee presents:

Front Porch (via Zoom meeting) on distilling equipment for essential oil production

Learn from experienced distillers and get the answers to your questions!
Topics included:
  • Types of stills for steam distillation
  • Determining the size of still to meet your needs
  • Accessory equipment for distilling
  • Information from growers who have recently purchased stills
  • Resources for the practice of essential oil steam distillation

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