Lavendula x-intermedia

Lavender species have been hybridized over the centuries.

One type of hybrid, the x-intermedia (a cross between Lav. Angustifolia and Lav. Latifolia) contains many varieties, including "Grosso" which produces most of the world's lavender essential oil. This oil is used primarily for scenting soaps and lotions.

Another Lav. x-intermedia is "Provence" which is known for its wonderful dried bud scent. Provence is also used for cooking. Lav. x-intermedia hybrids are generally long-stemmed and the color of the flowers vary from deep purple to white. In general the oil from Lav. x-intermedias are used for scenting soap and personal care products. They are not generally used in the perfume or aromatherapy industry, however, there are exceptions to this.