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Read the Newest Insights on Agritourism

Get your thinking caps on! We’ve put together thoughts and questions about Agritourism that will both challenge you and serve as a powerful addition to your business planning toolkits. 

In 2019, the USDA published an extensive report on the state of, and opportunities around, the growth in agritourism across the U.S. More recently in the 2022 USLGA Harvest Survey, questions related to agritourism initiated a first peek into prevalence and visitor impact of U.S. lavender farms open to the public.  

But what are current trends and considerations for successful agritourism? In what ways might USLGA membership consider participating in this $949 million dollar market sector going forward? 

To read more about agritourism, click here for a unique thought paper brought to you by the USLGA E&R Committee. 

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