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How to Grow Lavender

There is no one better to tell you on How to Grow Lavender then the lavender expert, Andy Van Hevelingen. Andy has been growing herbs since 1966, and is a contributor to numerous publications on the topic of lavender. He and his wife, Melissa are responsible for some of the most beautiful lavender species and have 1 of the National Collections of Lavender in the U.S. and are recognized by the Herb Society of America. We had the pleasure of meeting Andy at the 2008 Lavender Growers Conference in Sequim, Washington.

Lavender Needs:

Full Sun

Well drain, loamy soil
PH level - between
6.0 and 8.0
Prefers neutral to alkaline soil. Add lime if needed.

Plant 3 feet apart

Pinch off buds before they develop the first year, so all the energy goes to developing the roots.

The biggest killers of lavenders are root-rotting diseases – humidity and wet soils.

After the first year you can top dress with lime and work it into the soil.

How to Grow Lavender Lockwood Lavender Farm

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