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Printing in Purple

If you have the time and want to do something a little different, or need a fun craft to do with kids, block printing sachet bags is it. At Bee Loved Lavender we are asked frequently how we make our fun sachet bags. A lot of our product packaging and labels are handmade and one of a kind which adds to our brand’s charm and fun. There are many printing techniques to achieve this look. We are sharing one simple method we use with lavender lovers below. Enjoy!

Printing Purple Printing Purple


1. Rubber stamps of your choice
2. Sachet bags (these are muslin drawstring bags from Michael's craft stores)
3. Hard rubber block printing brayer (this is a Speedball one from Dick Blick)
4. Speedball fabric block printing ink in color of your choice. This one is violet.
5. Glass plate. I use glass from a picture frame. Optional: tape the corners and sides with masking or painters' tape to avoid sharp edges.

Printing Purple Printing Purple Printing Purple


6. Place a glob of fabric paint on your glass plate.

7. Use your brayer to roll the ink on the glass plate. Make sure you have enough ink so that when rolling it sounds “tacky” or “sticky.” If you don’t have enough ink you will get a light, faded weak print. This takes practice to know how much to use!

8. Roll the ink onto your stamp. Make sure there is even coverage. Avoid rolling back and forth more than a couple times. Sometimes the brayer will pull the ink off the stamp if you roll repeatedly. This also takes practice to get even coverage.

9. Place stamp on sachet bag and press firmly.

10. Inspect your print!

11. Try with a variety of stamps, colors, and materials. Usually takes 5-7 days to completely dry. Once dried, fill with sachet filling of your choice, or have customers fill their own with dried lavender buds.

Aimee Crane
Bee Loved Lavender Aurora, Ohio

Printing Purple Printing Purple Printing Purple
Printing Purple Printing Purple Printing Purple

Submitted by Aimee Crane, Bee Loved Lavender

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