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Braided Lavender Heart

 A perfect craft to do this summer as you need fresh lavender. Save this page as you plan for your harvesting season!

Braided-Lavender-Heart-Diane-AllenSupplies needed:
• 12 stems of fresh lavender in bud
• one 24” strand of green florist wire
• ribbon or twine
• binder clip

1) Start with 12 stems of lavender in the bud stage. You can mix varieties or just use one variety for different looks. The size of the finished heart will depend on the stem length.

2) Strip off any leaves or side stems.

3) Line up all 12 stems so that the base of the flower buds align. Fold the wire in half and wrap it around the base of the group of flower heads and twist it two or three times.

4) Divide the stems into two groups of six with one piece of the wire on each side. Clip one side with the binder clip and work on the other.

5) Divide the first group of six stems into three sets of two stems. Take the piece of florist wire and spiral it around one of the sets of two stems, from top to bottom leaving a piece of wire to dangle at the bottom of the two stems.

6) Begin braiding the stems from the top (flower end) down to the bottom. Use the extra wire to secure the base of the braid.

7) Repeat steps 5 & 6 with the other side.

8) Shape the two braids to for a heart with the flower heads hanging in the center of the heart.

9) Secure the two braids at the base with wire.

10) Insert one end of a paper clip under the wire loop and hang the heart to dry for a week or so.

11) Wrap the base of the heart with ribbon or twine.

12) Make a loop to go around the flower heads to hang.

Diane Allen
Lavenlair Farm
Whitehall, NY


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