The newest benefit being offered by USLGA is a closed Facebook group for MEMBERS ONLY of USLGA, called the “USLGA Members Group”. This is different than the USLGA Facebook public page which is accessible to anyone on Facebook. The closed group will replace the Forum on because it was not easily accessible. This closed Facebook group:

  • Is a member benefit only for USLGA members, with moderators checking for accuracy of information and fact checking
  • Replaces the now defunct Forum on the USLGA website
  • Allows for better communication to members because it easily can include links to additional information for education and other purposes in a timely and effective manner
  • Will be an area to discuss member issues and ideas for USLGA
  • Is easy to use, quick to access and is familiar to most people who already use Facebook daily
  • Is a place where your questions and concerns can be answered by other lavender growers

To participate in the USLGA Members Group you must have a personal Facebook page in your name, not a business name, and be listed on the USLGA Member Directory. Log on to your personal page of Facebook, search for USLGA Members Group and submit a request to join, or click on the following link and request to join The Membership Committee is responsible for managing the administration of the USLGA Members group.

If you have questions, email [email protected].