The United States Lavender Growers Association is acutely aware of the problems this past winter has brought about for many lavender growers. The level of winter kill being reported varies throughout the country with numerous growers facing substantial losses that will greatly affect their upcoming harvest. Some lavender growers have said that they can not remember a time where the winter damage has been as extensive as it is proving to be this year.

USLGA is here to support and encourage it’s members. We ask you to share your stories on the USLGA Facebook page and in the USLGA Forum. Not only will this give other growers a chance to understand what you are going through, but it will also allow us to use this occurrence as an opportunity to learn and be better prepared as an industry in the future. We have received word from members who would be happy to share extra plants with those growers in their regions who have suffered the most crop loss. We are suggesting the Forum as a place to make those connections. We will also use the Forum as a venue for data collection that will be applicable to projects both the Education & Research and Advocacy Committees are working on, which include getting lavender recognized as a specialty crop at the state and local level for insurance, grant and other purposes.

As an industry we are still in our youth, which can cause us to be fragile, and this might be a difficult year for many of our members, but as a team we have the strength and the will to prevail and to keep our communities smelling the ever calming essence of our beautiful lavender.