Calling lavender growers of all shapes and sizes! As part of the USLGA Mission Statement “To support and promote the United States lavender industry through research, education, networking and marketing” we are working to gather information on the industry annually. We want to start right away and we are providing you tools to help you gather quantitative information on your harvest. Tracking this data will help your business to grow and will help the industry as a whole. This information can be used in the future for advocacy issues, grant money, as well as grower and consumer education.

Download this PDF that is formatted for printing and record your measurements! There are several ways to measure and we ask that you take as many of the measurements as possible, and that apply to you, during your harvest. Keep a scale, notebook, and list of things you want to track from year to year close to where you process your lavender to make the process easier!  We will send out a call in about 2 months to ask you to report these harvest measurements. If you have ideas on how we can track time and cost per acre, contact us!

Thank you for your time and consideration. We know this is a busy time of year - we wish you well with your harvest!