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Leafing Out and Expanding our Business: Continuing to Grow a Professional Lavender Industry

Join us in our second national lavender growers conference! Our first conference focused on growing the new lavender industry; our second gathering is to offer information, resources and networking to help YOU to GROW your lavender related business.  In addition to networking and learning, this is a great opportunity for a winter getaway to historic and picturesque San Antonio, Texas.

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Hello Lavender Lovers!

Mary Bergstrom here, president of the United States Lavender Growers Association. You’ve probably heard about our upcoming conference. You might be wondering “Why should you attend USLC 2015?” I’m here to answer any questions and encourage you to join us!

First, the theme of the January 2015 conference is Leafing Out and Expanding our Business. All of our educational sessions will focus on ways to grow your knowledge about lavender farming and a variety of ways to make your business more profitable. Our speakers will tackle topics ranging from novice farmers to the most advanced farmers who may have been in the industry for more than 10 years. 

Second, a national conference is the perfect opportunity to network with your peers. We will host several mixers including a cocktail reception, lunch & learn discussion groups and the Marketplace Bazaar, with fellow farmers demonstrating processing techniques and inspirational product concepts. We have also arranged optional off-site activities where more casual socializing can take place. On Saturday evening bus transportation to and from the San Antonio RiverWalk will be available so people can explore the historic downtown area and gather at restaurants for dinner. There will also be a half-day trip to the 38-acre San Antonio Botanical Garden, including transportation, on the last day of the conference. 

Third, USLC 2015 will provide resources and tools to build your business. A strong national industry will help support individual farms and create awareness for your customers – and  potential customers throughout the world. A strong U.S. lavender industry will help customers in your area find you! Also, the US Lavender Growers Association is important to all of us for our continued success as an industry. Attending the national conference has direct benefits to you AND helps our young organization gain deep roots to support important growth for our future. We deeply desire to grow this organization “together” to provide a purposeful voice for our industry. Your presence makes a difference!

And finally, the January event will help answer those questions you have, but just aren’t sure where to start asking, like: 

How do I effectively sell lavender? How do I establish a brand so customers can easily recognize my business? What can I do to improve my brand?   

What should I tell customers about the health and wellness benefits of lavender? What should I avoid? Should I consider producing essential oils? Are there other techniques to learn?

Should I consider being organically certified? Does my demographic demand it? Are there alternatives?

How do I make a profit? There is so much to keep track of – where is the best place to start? How can I improve profitability for my farm?   

And what about “winter kill”? How do I plan for or recover from winters like 2013/2014?  

Get the answers to these questions and more at the 2015 US Lavender Conference. Meet fellow farmers and establish new relationships that will bloom into long lasting friendships. Seize the opportunity to take your business to the next level and join us in San Antonio this January!

Registration and Optional Activities
There are a variety of registration levels to suit your needs!  We will also be providing optional transportation to the famous San Antonio uslc_lavender_bee-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72RiverWalk for dinner on Saturday and a half-day getaway to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens on Sunday.  Share ideas and good times while getting to know new lavender friends.

Location, Maps and Schedule
San Antonio has such rich history and our hotel is only 13 minutes away from the airport.  There is so much to see and do here!  Check out the Location & Hotel page to learn more about the area.  Learn more about the schedule and speakers (as they are announced) of USLC 2015.  We added additional sessions and activities to the conference to provide more education and more networking!

People’s Choice and Virtual Farm Tour
Don’t forget to enter our Conference Attendee’s People’s Choice Contest!  You might win bragging rights! uslc_lavender_lemonade-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72 Our 2013 winners were delighted and many are excited to enter this year.

Show off your farm or business in the Virtual Farm Tour!  Submit your photos and we’ll all tour your farm together!  Last year’s video was inspirational and many wanted to watch it again.  It truly made us smile!

Vendors and Sponsors
Do you have products or items that lavender lovers and growers can’t live without? Be a Vendor at USLC 2015!

Love our mission to bring together lavender lovers for the advancement of our industry? We would love your support by partnering with USLGA to help sponsor USLC 2015.  Learn more on our Sponsors page!

curved-lav-rows-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72-128x72 Do you have a volunteer spirit, cooking skills, or a strong back?  Volunteer opportunities will be available for USLC 2015 and we would love to have you helping out.  Volunteer opportunities will be posted as soon as they are available – keep checking back!