Conference Speakers (check back for updates to speaker line up!) 

We are pleased to announce our Friday morning Keynote Speaker, Donna Maria (dM) founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, an entrepreneurial coaching and training company that has helped transform the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs in numerous countries in the US and around the world.

A highly sought after author, speaker, and entrepreneur mentor, Donna Maria, is a master at helping small business owners build sustainable businesses while enjoying the freedom, flexibility, and fun that entrepreneurship offers.


dM’s Keynote Overview: The Community Economy

Today, your customers are more distracted than ever. They are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages daily, and they can increasingly buy whatever you sell from any number of sources -- and frequently at a lower price. In order to overcome these hurdles, you need more than a good product. You also need a community of people who love you and your brand, and who will help you break through the noise so your products can be seen and heard. Thankfully, it's easier than ever to build community around your brand, and Donna Maria is here to show you how. 

In The Community Economy, dM shares how to serve more people, create more impact, and enjoy more success through community.  Among other things, we'll cover:

(1) Why community is critical to business success and growth

(2) How to select the community platforms and outlets that are best for your brand

(3) How to leverage technology in ways that evoke the kind of emotional connection that encourages people to buy from you over and over again

The Community Economy is relevant to every business owner, regardless of their business, and in particular, to people with a limited budget and time. The presentation includes case studies of people who have built communities that naturally deliver heightened brand awareness and endless sales opportunities.